so tired

Thanks for the input on yesterday’s post.  I can’t help but feel like I’m going behind my boss’s back by looking for another job; but that’s probably just another symptom of our extremely dysfunctional relationship.  I got some inside dirt on the job I will be interviewing for; I REALLY hope I get it because it sounds like it would be a good move for me.

In recovery news, the pain is much better, the swelling is starting to go down, and I am now able to move around much better.  The biggest problem I’m having now is that I’m SO TIRED all the time.  Just getting up to make coffee sends me back to bed for an hour, and I’m sort of dreading seeing one of my very high-energy friends this afternoon.  She’s wonderful and it’s nice of her to visit me; is it terrible if I’d rather just watch Buffy on Netflix and fall asleep?

I should also note that, other that the inevitable spikes that happen when I cough or try to move in an unwise way, the pain does not even approach what I am used to feeling with my period.  That makes me kind of angry, because I have been telling doctors about my menstrual pain since I was a teenager and was always told that everyone has pain, that I should take some Aleve and put up with it.  I always just figured I must be a big weenie.  Now that I have this frame of reference I feel pretty sure that my menstrual pain has not been “normal” or “expected.”  Hopefully it will get better now.


5 responses to “so tired

  1. Yeah, I really hope this gives you relief from such awful menstrual pain! I am sure it will, as aren’t fibroids supposed to be a cause of severe cramps?

    So happy you’re on the mend and feeling better!

    You just rest, ok?

  2. Hoping your friend’s visit didn’t take too much out of you today. If I’d have seen this earlier, I would have recommended that you ask her to pick you up a smoothie and a good movie you both could watch together. I don’t know why, but after surgery, smoothies were all I craved.
    Don’t try to do too much too soon! You definitely need to get a lot of rest and let that internal healing continue :).

  3. I used to have terribly painful periods, too, and doctors telling me it was “normal”. Ha. Until I went to the ER and had surgery for endometriosis the next day. So much for normal.
    Hope you recover soon, the pain stays at bay, and the high-energy friends go easy on you.

  4. Don’t feel bad abt feeling nap-y or not being up for chit chatting with high-energy friends. You’re recovering from some major stuff. Your job is to chillax and get better!! xo

  5. Take it easy, sis. You are still in recovery. Dont think twice about telling taxing people to catch you later.

    I am very geeked on this job thing for you. I am in a dead job myself. No chance of exit. Gotta stick around and pay for fertility treatments. I love having career friends. I feel smarter by association. Thank you for this.

    Dont you owe us a penguin pic?

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