in which i share the gory details

The short version, for those of you who are understandably less fascinated with my abdomen than I am:

There were 5 fibroids, not 3.  All have been removed and I came home from the hospital on Thursday afternoon.  I have the most awesomest husband evah, who was apparently updating you all while I was in recovery (I have no recollection of the joke he claims I made and will deny it to the end of my days).  I am healing well:  able to eat, walk around (at least back and forth to the bathroom), etc.  No working, exertion, or sex for 4 weeks; no driving till I’m off Percocet.  I have a follow-up appointment a week from this coming Monday and will hopefully have more news then…including a timeline for resuming our goal-oriented fucking (I mean TTC).

The long version, if you want it:


I said this in the short version, but it bears repeating:  I have the most awesomest husband evah.  He has been with me every step of the way, starting with getting up at fucking 4 in the morning to get to the hospital on time.  (It’s actually only a 10 minute drive but since we are both congenitally incapable of packing in advance we had to get up extra early to make sure I had an overnight bag to take with me.)

Because it’s a teaching hospital it took 4 tries to get my IV started; after 3 failed attempts by a very well-meaning medical student, someone else took over.  I remember very little after the IV started.  I’m not even sure if I was given anesthesia via a breathing mask or through the IV because they started me on something wonderful right away that (apparently) made me calm and groggy, and (definitely) made me forget everything prior to the surgery.


So the next thing I remember is waking up in the recovery room.  I asked the nurse “Did it work?” but I don’t remember the answer.  I do remember being shown how to use my morphine drip:  I was getting IV morphine when I would press a button.  Thank God.  I was in the recovery room for a very long time, and I don’t know if this was because of my condition or if they were waiting for my bed space to be ready.

The next 24 hours are a little fuzzy as well.  (I’m so helpful and informative, no?)  I know I had a catheter in for about 24 hours, and I remember being made to get up and walk around a little that very first night, but that’s about it.  I think I mostly slept.

The second day I was much more alert.  The catheter came out, as did the IV, and I saw my RE/surgeon.  (I assume he examined me that first day as well but I don’t remember.)  He told me there had been 5 fibroids:  2 in addition to the ones we knew about from the ultrasound.  He removed them all successfully.  He pulled the dressing off of my incision and I was pretty shocked when he didn’t replace it. He told me it’s better for healing for it to be open to the air.  I found this really counterintuitive and kept asking everyone I encountered (nurses, aides, residents, med students) if this was really OK, but they all seemed to be in agreement.  So my and my 5-inch incision are just hanging out, nothing between us and the breeze but my underpants!

Also there are no stitches.  None that I can see, anyway.  Apparently they are all hidden beneath the skin.  I can’t wrap my mind around how this is done, but it does make the no-bandage thing a little less scary:  there are no visible edges or cuts, and nothing is bleeding or seeping.  The incision is just like a little, extremely painful pink line.

There was a checklist I had to complete before I could go home.  It was things like:  eat solid food without puking; walk around my floor of the hospital 4 times; take a shower; pass gas (really!).  Luckily I must have some kind of dormant overachiever gene, because I hit every item on the list by Thursday afternoon.  That means I was only in the hospital a total of about 56 hours.  Hurray!


I was actually kind of worried about coming home because we live on the second floor of a duplex and I really didn’t know how I was going to handle the stairs.  Thanks to Percocet, patience, and pure bullheadedness I got upstairs, and I am damn well not coming down again for a good long while.  I have been slowly moving from bed to couch and back, sleeping, reading, and of course catching up on blogs.  My mom is here for a few days, so she is taking care of important stuff like Picking Up Things I Drop, Pouring Juice, and Playing Scrabble With Me.

Oh, and did I mention my husband was Teh Awesome?  He surprised me yesterday with a netbook.  I have never, ever had my own computer before; and I was thinking I was going to be getting pretty bored during this recovery since he often needs our laptop for his work.  But here I am, happily typing away whenever I feel like it!  I am just blown away.


9 responses to “in which i share the gory details

  1. Yaaaaaay! You’re alive! Your husband got you a laptop! (Did he exchange the giant penguin for it?) I think we all agree that he really is super excellent.

    Dude, your description sure brought back the memories. Sounds like everything went really well. And the fact that they removed five…well, now you’ve got room for twins. I think I was also surprised at how minimal the incision looked, and how soon it got uncovered. Do we get any pictures of your guts?

  2. Glad to hear from you! Congrats on having such an awesome husband :).
    Hope your recovery continues to go smoothly. It’s nice that your mom will be there to take care of you for a few days – take it easy and rest up!

  3. See yaaaaaaa fibroidies. 🙂 So glad everything went well and that you’re in recovery mode.

    Your hubs definitely wins Awesomest Guy of the Year award, so sweet he gave you the perfect gift. Rest up and keep that chin up. You’re doing fantastic.

  4. oh my gosh,,,,,,,. you had FIVE fibroids removed!!!! Wowzers.
    I’m so pleased it all went well and am also intrigued about the internal stitches!
    And as for your husband, well he’s just marvelous too. So you have a new laptop and a new uterus now… everything you need to accommodate a healthy pregnancy. Hope the recovery continues to go well. xxx

  5. Yahoo!! So happy to hear that everything went great and that you are on your way to recovery!
    Before you know it you will be TTc again, rest up and take super-good care of yourself!
    And yes, what a fab husband you have!

  6. Bravo to the awesome husband! Yay for surgery being over!

    I am so glad you are five fibroids lighter.

    Enjoy the netbook. I have one, and I take it with me everywhere. The one I have is pretty small and it was hard to get used to the realllllly small keyboard at first, but I am now hooked.

  7. Welcome home, dear.

    Great news on the surgery. You are all systems go. I have heard some pretty good wives tales that say you are now in The Fertile Zone.

    I laughed at goal oriented fucking all day. Cracked my husband up too. Funny how they get to know us, isn’t it? Second hand bloggers.

    Your husband is wonderful. He gets it and we love him for it. Enjoy your new machine. Blog away. We expect to understand you on a whole new level by the end of your recovery.

    Your comment on my little meltdown was lovely. Thank you. I like how you shifted my perception of the whole event. I found you through one of your comments to someone else like that. You have a gift for the thoughtful zinger.

  8. Yay!!! Everything went well and your husband won all of our hearts (even BEFORE he bought you a laptop– NOW we’re all going to have to start stalking you so we can try to steal him 🙂 ).

    I hope you have a smooth recovery with lots of pain meds and soups and things like that, and enough daytime tv to drive anyone NOT hopped up on pain killers insane… Sounds sort of nice in a way, and can I say once again how glad I am that it is over and went so well!!!

  9. Well, God bless Awesome Husbands!

    And you just coined GOF: Goal-oriented Fucking.

    Yay for your own laptop, and wishing the surgery killed all the hurdles in your TTC path.

    Good Luck!

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