they’ve got a 5:30 in the morning now?

In less than 8 hours I will be at the hospital.  Update soon.


17 responses to “they’ve got a 5:30 in the morning now?

  1. Hello Ginger and Lime Readers,

    I’m not a blogger and I don’t pretend to be. However, all of you have come to be part of the extended “e-family” involved with today’s procedure so I thought I’d do my best to post her status as the day progresses so here goes:

    I’m in my first waiting room of the day and it’s UGLY. Imagine hideously drab, rejected dark green and brown patterns from the 1960s. Ginger and Lime is currently having her surgery prep begun. They’re starting the IV drip and taking all the fun vital statistics (height, weight, blood tests, favorite TV actor…). They’ll take me to see her once she’s prepped for surgery. I’m not sure the surgery has hit home yet but it’s starting to. More soon.

  2. Hi Husband & Ginger –

    Thinking of you. It is going to be fine, its going to be over before you know it. Good luck. I will look forward to hearing more soon-

  3. Just finished visiting with Ginger and Lime in pre-op. Met with the doctor and whole army of folks who will be operating on her. She’s nervous, as you might imagine, but doing fine. She’s just been moved into surgery and the procedure is scheduled for 2-3 hours after which the doctor will meet with me to tell me how things went. An hour or so later I get to see her. And now the waiting begins…

  4. Thinking of you! Hoping surgery goes well! Thanks for the updates, G&L’s Husband!

  5. Good Luck!

    Hope you recover well. Is dear husband finally sneaking in the i-pod or not?

    Keep us posted!

  6. No, I am NOT sneaking in the ipod- at least not yet. However, I did go out this past weekend and buy the best stuffed penguin I could find (as Ginger and Lime loves penguins). As fate would have it, the ONLY stuffed penguin i could find was a 3-foot tall emperor penguin (practically life-size!). Just you wait ’til I surprise her with it later today.

  7. Dear Husband,

    Are you trying to give me a heart attack?

    If you say something is ugly when I think we are talking surgery, PLEASE remind me we are talking waiting room, not dear Ginger’s innards.


    Tell her we said “hi” and make a penguin sound while you do that funny walk.

    Please? Please?

    Anything to get our girl to laugh.


    You good husband.


  8. You rock, husband! I’m sure everything is going to go wonderfully, and she will think she’s totally lucid while being amusingly stoned. I want to see some photos of that penguin. Perhaps in a hospital gown.

  9. I saw Ginger and Lime briefly in recovery. She’s awake and the attending nurse says everything looks good so far. As you might imagine, she’s a bit groggy from the morphine but she was able to crack a joke about an overheard conversation (Doctor to other patient: Mr. Smith, please squeeze my hand so I can test your grip. Ginger and Lime to me: Pull my finger.) I showed her the penguin and am unsure what her reaction is as she is still groggy. I think she’s surprised. Who wouldn’t be? Any suggestions on penguinly names?

    Ginger and Lime is being moved to her room for her two-day stay in the next half hour or so. Let the recovery begin! More updates later.

  10. Husband– you are clearly one of the world’s most awesome husbands, to not only be there for G&L (which we would all expect from our husbands), but to also be there for her blog friends!!!! Wow. I am impressed. The penguin is also a nice touch, although I understand the morphine-induced confusion (wait, you took out some tumors and gave me a penguin instead?).

    Tell G&L that we are all thinking of her and are SOOOOOOO happy that things went well. Hoping this means extra fertile days just ahead…

  11. Last update for the day:

    Ginger and Lime has moved to her own private room for her two-day hospital recovery. She is alert and eating ice chips even though still a bit groggy from the medication. All signs so far point to a successful procedure. I’ll pass your thoughts along to her.

    Meanwhile, the penguin is sitting on her bedside rolling table table overlooking the recovery process.

  12. So glad everything went well and that Husband and the penguin are taking care of G&L!!

  13. I think this means you guys get to go home today?

    We love you, however, I must admit my husband does not love you. You have now set the bar for him.

    I will always love you for this.

    Ginger, be well!

  14. Just catching up now on your surgery. have been thinking of you and hoping all is well. Thanks to Husband for the updates. xxxx Look after yourself

  15. It’s impossible to experience one’s death objectively and still carry a tune.

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