i warned you: increasingly freaked out

Jesus fucking Christ.  So I’m a little bit drunk and I’m looking at fucking Facebook pictures of my friends’ beautiful daughters.  Feeling sorry for myself of course.  My husband would be an amazing father.  And if it wasn’t for me and my goddamn bulbous misshapen useless uterus he would be one already.

Bloody hell.


5 responses to “i warned you: increasingly freaked out

  1. Facebook is evil :(.

  2. For fuck’s sake, Ginger.

    You know better than to drink and FB.

    You can set a sobriety password on gmail. Damn shame I dont know of the same thing for FB.

    Walk it off. Or better yet, drink more here, with us. Forget those RL friends.

    Fucking fertiles.

  3. Friends don’t let friends drink and FB!!

    Step away from the FB!


    No, have another drink, and now!

  4. FB has gotten to me a time or two!

    I think the same thing about my husband. . . . why did he have to get so unlucky as to fall in love with a barren woman like me instead of someone fertile!

  5. Have a coffee. Stat!!!

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