no pants?

So I just found out that I might not be able to wear pants after my myomectomy.  While I am generally in favor of pantslessness whenever possible (as my husband says when getting into his pajamas, “No pants are as comfortable as no pants!”), I am a little concerned about the prospect of going back to work pantsless 4 weeks after the surgery.

Wardrobe suggestions?  What’s appropriate for the office?  I could lay in a supply of muumuus, I suppose.  I have some skirts, but they might as well be pants because they too have waistbands, which I would imagine is the problem.

I do have exactly three dresses, one of which is entirely inappropriate for work.

I will have to think on this.  There may be a trip to the thrift store in my future.  Unfortunately thrift shopping with a specific goal is always harder than just getting what looks interesting.


4 responses to “no pants?

  1. Deep breaths, deep breaths. I may have been slightly under-informative about my pantslessness… (Actually, this is all part of my evil plot to get people to wear dresses!) Most important, my pants are all fairly close fitting, but things like yoga pants were fine even right after. So if your pants are on the looser side, you’re good. And it’s not the waist, it’s the pressure on the incision site, which is very low. And finally, you’re having a Laparoscopic Assisted Myomectomy? If so, the incision might be smaller, thus healing time would be quicker. (I also bet you’d be able to go back to work within two weeks, if you WANTED TO!) Anyway, just wanted to stop the fear of pantslessness from keeping you up tonight.

  2. Its to two fibroid-free girls commenting on this one for you. I lived in yoga pants for two weeks post surgery. Loose, low cut, comfy. I switched to skirts and loose, low-riding pants when I returned to the office. Have you decided on the variety of surgery you will be having? If it the lap/robotic variety the incisions are very small.
    But, like Bunny, I advocate for being a dress-wearing girl.

  3. Yeah, this would be a disaster for me too. I can’t seem to wear a skirt without flashing everyone. And since I’ve gained weight during this whole ttc/miscarriage and ectopic grief interlude in my life, most of my pants are currently obscenely tight. I’d have to make that trip to the yoga store too. Maybe i should make that transition anyways…

    Maybe you’ve said, but when is your surgery?

  4. Oh geez. I do not have any better suggestions, but I love the no pants are as comfortable as no pants motto!

    At the bachelorette party I went to last weekend, one girl wore yoga pants that looked like black work pants. I’m not sure how she managed it. We all kept saying how dressed up she was compared to the rest of us (in jeans), and then she told us she was in her jammies. I am on a mission to find these pants now. If I have any luck I’ll let you know. 🙂

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