a few unrelated things

1.  My director is being weirdly, suspiciously nice to me this week.  I am confused but I will take it!  My anxiety level is way down, although I am kind of waiting for the second shoe to drop.

2.  I am always amused at the Google searches that bring people here.  Some of my favorites:  “husband slipped one past the goalie,” “wordpress.com anal,” and most recently, “tori amos fibroids.”

3.  Does anyone have any experience with the FMLA process?  Apparently I will have to be approved for FMLA to take time off for the surgery, and I got my paperwork yesterday.  It looks pretty straightforward but there are a lot of steps, and I don’t know what will happen if I am turned down or if it takes too long to complete.


2 responses to “a few unrelated things

  1. If her behaviour has changed abruptly, there is definitely something behind. Be alert.

    I had pretty funny word/phrase searches too…I just took my blog off-listing on Google…it reduces the number of casual eyeballs I get, and I feel better…

  2. Maybe someone slapped some sense into her…maybe she got a therapist who helped her deal with her ISSUES. In any event, I hope it lasts.

    I think Trinity has done some FMLA wrangling for her IVF (here’s a post where she talks about it a little (at the end) http://andtherewerethreeinthefamily.blogspot.com/2010/04/if-vs-employer-episode-two.html)–maybe she can set your mind at ease

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