This morning was like a coming-out party for my vulva.  I have never had so many people staring at it.  Of course, I wasn’t exactly wearing a white dress and opera gloves…and I’m not sure where I would have put the tiara…

(I had my SIS done at a teaching hospital.  My beautiful blossom of womanhood has now enlightened medical students.)

I was prepared for the worst today, having had a very painful HSG 6 months ago, but it wasn’t bad at all.  I did rather feel like I was competing in some weird game involving counting the number of different objects that could be placed up in there in one day, but it wasn’t very painful and for that I’m grateful.

The SIS confirmed three fibroids:  one submucous and two subserosal.  New RE has strongly recommended a myomectomy (as opposed to hysteroscopic resection), so I think I’m going to go ahead and do it.  My father-in-law, having asked Dr. Google,  was recommending this, but as it’s not approved for patients who want to preserve fertility, I am going to give it a pass.

Now I have a rather mundane problem:  when am I going to do this?  Obviously I am going to have to take time off work, and that is going to be a challenge, but more importantly I won’t be able to play for weeks!  I have three concerts coming up in the next few weeks, and then after that my ensemble will be auditioning a new member (one of us is leaving!!!), so I will have to be able to participate in rehearsals to try out new people.  But then after that, from mid-July through August, my calendar is pretty clear of playing engagements.  I will have to be back in shape by early October, but this summer gap is the best chance I’m going to have.  Hopefully the hospital will be able to schedule me in July!  If I have to wait longer than that I may have to turn down some concerts.


5 responses to “debutante

  1. Congratulations on having the cast of thousands view your private bits! Such an exclusive club!
    In regards to WHEN, well sadly I think these things never have perfect timing. There always seems to be something in the way. My advice is to choose the path with the least amount ofobsticles and just stick with it. You’ll find a way of making it work even if it isn’t easy. xx

  2. Ah the joy of being examined by all those delightful folk! So is is your doctor not putting you on Lupron? (I ask because mine didn’t tell me when we first discussed the surgery that there would be 8 weeks of Lurpon first.) Sounds like July will work! And while I don’t want to give you false hopes about recovery, I was anticipating being incapacitated for multiple weeks, and it was really just one, plus another where I felt pretty lazy but could certainly have done things like sit in on rehearsals.

    Anyway, this is all GOOD NEWS! 50 to 70% of women go on to conceive after the surgery! Don’t tell me different!

  3. Welcome to the Vulva-Revealed Club…..I had a similar moment at my lap…I was so flustered by the number of people looking at it….

    May July be it!

  4. I also of the pleasure of frequenting a teaching hospital, such a joy.
    Like Bunny, the first week for me was the roughest, but my surgery was slightly different. I had the robotic variety which is a bit less invasive. Are you a candidate for it? Apparently, like everything, there are pros and cons to each surgery type. If you would like anymore info feel free to email me, I love to share.

  5. I’m glad that you got the SIS out of the way and that it wasn’t as bad as you thought. Hoping you can find a good time to have the surgery in July!

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