the verdict

Thanks for all of the advice.  It seems like most of you are early testers!  Does that help you?  I’ve never been able to do it.  I have only ever tested when I’m actually late, which has only been 3 times (including this month) over the past 21 months.

I would love to know:  what do you get from testing early?  Does it feel better to know for sure?  Because for me, it’s always just felt like limbo–a BFN but no period, and there’s nothing to do but test again the next day.  I really hate it.

By the way, I didn’t test last night.  And today there is no need.


8 responses to “the verdict

  1. I like to wait because it just gets my hopes up that it is a false negative then I waste more tests.

    But sometimes I wonder if I am missing a chemical (ha) pg and have other issues??

  2. Rats. I’m sorry you didn’t get an exciting surprise, but at least you have a plan in place. (And with your fibroids, the risk of miscarriage is so much higher–I’d have been nervous if you had gotten pregnant. Happy, but nervous…)

    It’s been interesting to me to see how differently people feel about testing. To me it’s obvious that you should test on day 12, maybe 13, and 14. If it’s negative on day 12, you can tell yourself there’s about a 15% chance you’re actually pregnant. Day 13: 10%, Day 14: 5%. For me, those stats really help me gradually prepare myself for the most likely outcome. If I don’t test, I just get really worked up and can’t sleep. But I know for other people it’s obvious that you should just wait until your period is late, and that to test is crazy. And I didn’t bother testing at all until my IUIs (except on that one occasion when I was late), so I can also relate to that approach… Anyway, it appears that women just differ on this point! We are mysterious creatures!

  3. I guess I’m in the minority; I’m not an early tester either.

    BTW, you and I are nearly in sync. . . . my CD 1 for this cycle was yesterday.

  4. For me it totally depends. The less hope I have, the more likely I am to test. I basically just want to confirm whatever feeling I already have about things…

    In your case, I’m sorry there was no need this month :(. But as bunny says, you have a new plan. And that is priceless.

  5. I’m not usually an early tester either. I break down around 13dpo if I feel pregnant, but otherwise don’t feel the need. What you said about limbo-land makes a lot of sense, I hate that feeling!

    I’m excited for you to get started with the new doc in a few days!

  6. Sorry about cd1 :(.
    I usually only test if I’m going somewhere and I really want to drink. It always makes me feel worse, so I prefer to just wait for old Auntie to show up.

  7. Well, looks like AF came roaring in, eh?

    I tend to test a day or two prior to AF’s expected arrival…for the past few cycles, AF is arriving earlier than usual, and that is saving me a lot of money. [:-(( blech]

  8. Maybe CD1 is a blessing….you can now get the bloodwork on track?

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