I’m having one of those days at work where I just don’t think I’m going to get much more done today.  After a completely crazy week last week (involving 4 very big events), my director is out of town so my colleague and I have been trying to catch up on all the things that have fallen by the wayside lately.

My director is one of those folks who is in constant crisis mode.  Whatever I’m working on, whatever I’m prioritizing, it’s not the thing she’s thinking of.  She sends me “extremely urgent” emails at midnight, one after the other, and each morning when I come in to work and check my email I am freaking out after about 10 minutes.  We have long, frequent meetings about my failure to prioritize.  After each meeting I work on what she has told me should be my priority.  Until half an hour later, when something else occurs to her, and I have to drop everything and work on that.

She’s coming back next Tuesday and expecting some big projects to be done, but she’s also sending me approximately 10 new tasks a day.  From the bed and breakfast where she is on vacation with her husband.

Come on!  I mean, sure, we do some great work here.  We put on good concerts, we do school outreach so kids can have music even when it’s been cut from the district budgets, we keep hundreds of kids in piano lessons…

But how important is this really?  I so, so, so want to email her and tell her that she should get off the fucking computer and go to bed with her husband.  That’s prioritizing.


5 responses to “priorities

  1. lol, except that you may lose your job, i’d love to see the email where you tell her to go to bed with her husband!

  2. It would be so tough to function under a person of that temperament.

    Do write her a polite mail asking her to behave like she actually is on a vacation.

  3. Sounds deeply frustrating! My husband’s boss does this all the time, too. Maybe when we’ve been married for thirty years we’ll care less about vacation time. Though it seems like we’d care MORE… Anyways, not to be all PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS LADY when you’re venting, but is there some über boss you could take this problem to? ‘Cause it seems like she’s got some skillz to learn and needs to stop taking her incompetence out on you.

  4. That sounds really annoying and frustrating! It’s supposed to be relaxing when the boss is on vacation.

  5. How annoying, I would have a hard time having a boss like that, jeez. I guess it could be worse, imagine being her husband.

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