everyone i have ever met is pregnant


Well, OK, maybe not everyone…but my cousin is, and my SIL, and my other SIL has decided she’s ready to start trying for their third. And then there’s the rest of them.

College friends, high school friends, former students. People I haven’t thought about in years.

Fucking Facebook.


8 responses to “everyone i have ever met is pregnant

  1. It does feel like that sometimes, doesn’t it? Everyone in the world is pregnant.

    I’ll forget some people are pregnant, until I see a post on FB on how “Cayla is glad she’s getting a little sister!” or some other kind of update. FB is the deeevil.

  2. The lamest thing to do would be begging for babydust.

    Another occasion to raise hands at the sky.

  3. There’s no escape, man. Even my social isolation strategy has failed me–I have about five female friends and don’t even do FB, and still they assault me with their baby makin’! Plus, my university has a rotating news story on its front page, and this month it’s a story about pregnancy, with a big pregnant belly photo. EVERY DAMN DAY I see this!

  4. First, your comment on my post about academic slackerhood was AMAZING! So well-put that I might have to print it out and frame it for my desk! My home desk, of course. I can’t let my outwardly gung-ho peers see subversive sentiments like that! 🙂

    Second, there is no escaping those insidious pregnant ladies… eventually I suppose we’ll learn to live with them. I am so not there yet, either, though.

  5. FB is EVIL!! I often consider avoiding it altogether for this very reason.

    I’m sorry. . . .

  6. it’s so overwhelming sometimes!

  7. I haaaate FB. I don’t get on there unless it’s to accept a dozen friend requests that’ve stacked up. I can’t take it!!! I’m also having one of those days: Everyone IS pregnant! AHHHHHHH!

  8. I hate FB too. I deleted the app from my iPhone because it just made me upset.

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