thanks, and welcome!

Welcome to everyone who stopped by from Lost and Found today.

And a big thank you for the comments on my last post.  I am becoming more and more convinced that the RE I saw a few months back was, to put it delicately, full of shit.

He was wholly uninterested in talking to me about endometriosis, which I’m pretty sure I have.

He had no suggestions on how to proceed towards a diagnosis after HSG and SA.  That was enough information for him, apparently!

He presented our options as two, and only two:  natural-cycle (unmedicated) IUI and then IVF if (when) that didn’t work.  Then he sent us on our way with a mildly offensive remark about doing it under the Christmas tree.

I am getting  excited about seeing New RE, since it sounds like the experience I had wasn’t really what it should have been.  Regardless of what else he is able to tell us, I am totally ready to know once and for all about the endo question.


2 responses to “thanks, and welcome!

  1. Hey lady, stopping by from LFCA to say hello & welcome:) Hope things go well with your new RE, definitely sounds like it was time to make a change there…hope you feel more comfortable with & confident in this new doctor.

  2. I sometimes read blogs where I’m like “Your RE sucks.” But I can never be sure that it’s not just my experience–you know, whatever *I’ve* experienced MUST be right. Still, from what I recall there was *no reason at all* for you not to try medicated IUI. And a lap (which would be diagonostic for endo) USED to be part of a normal fertility workup (though isn’t anymore for good reason)…so I can’t help but conclude that your RE sucks. Plus, anyone who leaves you feeling hopeless, frustrated, and mildly offended is clearly the wrong fit. I too am very excited to see where this next step leads you!

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