my cervix is the goalie

And after a long absence, I am back.  It’s 2ww time again.  More like 1ww at this point.  My husband is extremely optimistic this cycle.  He keeps using phrases like “sent in the infantry” and “slipped one past the goalie.”  I’m not sure where that is coming from after all these months, but it is awfully cute.

Unfortunately I’m already having my usual PMS symptoms (which are indistinguishable from early pregnancy symptoms–our first few months of trying there was a great deal of irrational exuberance just because my body was doing what it always does).

The appointment with New RE won’t be for another month, so there is that little part of me that is thinking maybe I will be able to cancel it and go see my CNM instead…but then there’s the other 99% of my brain that knows there is nothing that makes this cycle different from every other cycle.

Here’s hoping my husband is on to something with his silly sports image.  (I’m not even touching the military one, because even starting to deconstruct that is so very disturbing.)


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