i don’t sleep, i dream

I’ll settle for a cup of coffee, but you know what I really need…

OK, end 90s nostalgia.

Last night I dreamed I was pregnant.  In the dream, my husband and I made love spontaneously, passionately, noisily, and at great length.  The very next morning I tested and saw those magical two lines.  Then in the dream, we started telling people about the pregnancy.  No one believed us, so we started carrying around the pregnancy test to prove it.  Still they scoffed:  “It’s a chemical pregnancy.”  “Keep testing; you’re going to lose it.”  “You’re not really pregnant until 12 weeks.”

I kept testing in the dream.  In the dream, I stayed pregnant.


5 responses to “i don’t sleep, i dream

  1. Was it nice or did it just make you want to die when you woke up? To me it sounds like a really charming dream. I love the idea that one could test the following day! I love the idea that people would have any idea what a chemical pregnancy is, and that you guys would carry around a test and whip it out when people were skeptical! And of COURSE I love the idea of you getting and staying pregnant.

  2. I would have punched those people in your dream! I’ve had dreams that I had a baby, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a positive pregnancy test dream, or one where I was pregnant.
    I like to think dreams mean something more than just the fact that we’re obsessing constantly :).

  3. Actually it was a really nice dream…but it did make me want to die when I woke up! Hopefully it means something, Sarah! And you’d better believe that if I ever do get a positive pregnancy test, I am going to seriously consider carrying it around and whipping it out when necessary. 🙂

  4. i hope the staying PG part comes true!

  5. That is one awesome dream. Well apart from people not believing you. I had to chuckle when you mentioned that you were carrying around the hpt in your bag as proof. Dreams are bizare aren’t they? I’m with Bunny, I loved that the people in your dream had even heard of a chemical pregnancy!!!

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