an update on A and B

Remember them?

I finally had a chance to talk to B about the project and whether or not there would be any recognition of B’s (extensive, exemplary) work.

Well, as it turns out, my collaborators and I had nothing to worry about.  Evidently B is savvier than we guessed, and has insisted on being given credit!  There is still the weird little problem of how this was originally presented to us by A, but that’s minor compared to making this into a career-builder for B.

Yay for B!

The whole project, with all 11 of us, will be premiered on Friday.  Wish us luck!

(It occurs to me that if anyone involved with electroacoustic music in the Midwest reads this blog, they would now know exactly who I am, or at least what project I’m talking about.  It’s a small world.)


One response to “an update on A and B

  1. I wish you oodles of luck! And I’m happy that B stepped up and claimed credit–it’s a good sign that B will be successful, don’t you think? I hope you don’t get outed by any fellow electroacoustic musicians! But I’m guessing any actual readers would be very sensitive if they did discover your secret identity.

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