I am reading your blog.  I am reading it several times a day.  As a matter of fact I am kind of a stalker.

I’m laughing at your jokes and sympathizing with your setbacks.  I’m pulling for you as you get ready for surgery, wait to cycle (or not), test obsessively, and think about how to get through holidays and other events full of pregnancy and babies.

I am, however, so stuck in my own damned head right now that I start typing a comment and delete it.  And type some more and delete some more.  Again and again.  I’ve written books in my head lately; they’re just not making it into your comments threads.

I can’t seem to see past this fog that’s in front of my eyes.  I don’t have the energy for jokes, or double entendre, or snappy anecdotes.



6 responses to “sorry

  1. you don’t need to apologize for being a lurker 🙂 we’re all going through so much we know all know that sometimes you need to sit back and let your ideas out in your blog and just take everyone else’s in 🙂

  2. No apologies necessary! I know exactly what you mean – sometimes it just takes too much energy to reach out and interact. And sometimes you need that energy to just make it through the day.
    Hope tomorrow is a better day…

  3. Absolutely no apologies!!! Absolutely…

    this blog is your space…express yourself, and there is no compulsion to feed the herd….please take care….you seem to be going through a wildly rough patch.

  4. Just let us know you’re okay occasionally, and we’re good. I know how tiresome it is when you start writing a blog and next thing you know, all these people start CARING ABOUT YOU and WORRYING when you don’t show up for a while. Exhausting!

    I hope things are just normally awful instead of awful in all new ways. I don’t want to be all, “we’ve been there, it’s going to be okay”, only to later learn that something seriously bad is going down. When I was feeling like life was worthless all the time (instead of just occasionally) I had to get outdoors and away from people and the city every weekend. That seemed to kind of re-set my misery-o-meter. And taking action of some kind typically helps me. I don’t know if there’s anything in the world that would work for you. Plus other people’s suggestions can be so irritating, can’t they? Just hope you’re taking care of yourself.

  5. I adore all comments… so don’t bother deleting if you happen to be on my blog and think that your comment is too blah. Never!

    Or… don’t leave one, that’s fine too. This is our space to do what we need to do to get through (I am sounding like Dr. Suess). So whatever you feel like.

    Sorry for your mental fog– it sucks.

  6. I totally get it… and I’m not too good about leaving comments either… Thanks for the ones you’ve left me! 🙂 ((hugs))

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