it’s not fayyyuhr

One of my closest friends, and in fact one of only two people I’ve been open with about my in-fer-til-i-ty (will it get easier to type?), confided in me yesterday.

She is two weeks late.

For her, this is not good news.

She is concerned for all of the right reasons:  This is not what she planned for.  It’s not the right time in her life.  If she’s not pregnant, what’s going on with her cycle?

And I am concerned for her.  I want her to have a satisfying life of abundance, and I would imagine that an unplanned pregnancy would be a tough row to hoe.


It was incredibly difficult to hear her talking about these possibilities.  About how she is coming around to hoping that she is pregnant.  It was all I could do to keep from crying.

How selfish am I?


One response to “it’s not fayyyuhr

  1. Not one bit selfish. I live in fear that the friends who swear they don’t want kids will accidentally get pregnant long before I do. Also, I’m sure she’s awesome and all, but hello, take a pregnancy test and confirm it via a blood test before you go confiding in your infertile friend! Why cause someone a lot of pain when it could all come to nothing? Sorry. Just had say it. And having said it, I hope things work out well for her, whatever that ends up meaning.

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